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your professional success is our passion.

We began in 2001 as a national recruiting firm focused on talent acquisition efforts for fortune listed companies.

But 10 years ago we grew tired of corporations overlooking talent and hiring from a “who do you know” perspective.

We decided to disrupt the market and built the industries best career development platform to make hiring more equitable for you. To help you drive for success and navigate your career.

We’re happy to report that since starting our journey, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you be happy, do happy and get happy in their career. Join our movement and see what the fuss is all about.


meet our jobkinz

Remember that one person in college who got straight A’s, was invited to every party and always found themselves at the center of practical jokes? We’ll that’s our jobkinz. Quirky, fun-loving and super groovy, our jobkinz embody who we are as a company and how we aspire to guide our own professional paths; with complete happiness! Our team of jobkinz is proof positive that professional happiness Is within reach If you simply grab It!

committed to helping you find your happy

I needed leadership direction and the projectU platform helped me get to the next level. The guidance completely changed my leadership style. — Kayleen M., Executive Sales Director, Boston
I joined projectU and the videos and how-to guides helped me make an awesome targeted resume. I immediately started getting interviews after sending it out! — Tina M., Director of Business Development
I love the projectU team's approach to mentoring. They care, they are fun and they deliver! Excellent! — Michah Miami, FL. Tech Start-Up
My Mentor Happy targeted resume, interview help and salary coaching helped me land a dream audit job with a Fortune 100 comapny! — Yuliya K., IT Audit Manager Fortune 100 Insurance
I just joined projectU and so far I love it! There is so much help and guidance I can't wait to get started! — Lea, S. Columbus, OH.
Carrie blew me away with the targeted resume she made for me. l can't believe how awesome my resume and Linkedln profile are! — Amil F., Denver
Best Ever! I just received my resume from Andi and I am so happy! I've worked with other services, but Mentor Happy is by far the best! — JC, Indianapolis
Mentor Happy helped me with LinkedIn and interview preparation for accounting and finance roles. I got a dream offer with a Global Fortune 30 organization. — Dwayne B., Managing Consultant, Financial Services
Mentor Happy guided me through a stressful relocation. Their targeted resume and salary coaching helped me get a 60% increase in base compensation. — David L., Derivative Accounting Manager, Global Fortune 30 Insurance
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